The Jeff Kay Show Episode 11: A Very Special Episode

That's right, a very special episode! For the first time, the show is available outside our home base at Patreon. From this day forward the Monday episode will be distributed to iTunes, Stitcher, and all the other big podcast directories -- as well as Patreon. And the Thursday show will still be for patrons only at So, twice the Jeff Kay! OK... maybe that didn't merit an exclamation mark. But you know what I'm saying. In this one, I launch into a meandering diatribe triggered by my father handing me a brick in a sack. Yep, you read that correctly: a brick in a sack. Enjoy!

Need twice the Jeff Kay? We've got you covered. Just pop on over to, sign up for a $4 (or more) monthly donation, and you'll immediately gain access to the Thursday shows. They're a full 30 minutes each, and only available to supporters at Patreon. It's a lot of fun, so do it up!

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